Posted by: Jen J. Ashley | June 1, 2011

Weekend Evidence on Social Media


(I, and no one else I know is in this picture.)

Memorial Day Weekend is over, the end of school is approaching at an exceedingly slow and difficult rate. To blow off some steam many of my fellow college students and I went on a “vacation”. For most of the University of Oregon college students it was either a trip to Lake Shasta in California or Sasquatch the music festival. At these two events, such activities took place that ones mother may not want to know about. If so, why does a student feel the need to portray it all over their social media site? Facebook is littered with photos of red cups and keg stands. Twitter has such inappropriate hashtags of things like #ivegottheballstotweetthis. Is this necessary? No. I understand, we are in college. We are suppose to go out, heck, even expected to do crazy things. Does it have to be publicized on the internet? No, it does not. It only makes your friends, your sorority or fraternity, and your school look trashy. I myself am guilty of partaking in some of the photographic evidence activities. However, there is no evidence, so it can not be proven to any future employer. Smarten up college students, we have a future ahead of us. Stay classy my friends.


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