Posted by: kristakhauk | May 16, 2011

Taliban Posts Tweets in English

So I recently read that the Taliban’s twitter account is now tweeting in English as of a few days ago and now has 3.000+ followers after a media report. The account, @alemarahweb, was created in December and had fewer than 1,000 followers as of Thursday. Most of their posts are exaggerated claims of attacking and killing NATO and U.S. troops and Afghan government personnel; however, if the tweets were believed, 81 “enemy” troops were killed since the feed began tweeting in English on Thursday,  and U.S. spy plane, and 23 vehicles, including five U.S. tanks, were also destroyed. For clarification, the military and news reports to not support anything approaching these claims.

What prompted the Taliban to started tweeting in English? For Americans to follow them? And why? Maybe I’m seeing the glass half empty but I can only think of negative reasons and possible consequences in the future for this…anyone else have thoughts?


  1. This is really crazy. As much as I hate to say it, maybe they’re targeting americans, or anyone who can read english really, who are on their side. It’s crazy to think that social media is aiding in the spread of terrorism and bad. We think so much of Social media to share and communicate with others on a positive note and share what’s going on in the world, but never did I think that it would be used in violent communication.
    I think this is a message from the Taliban (if this is actually the Taliban tweeting) that they are very aware on the new forms of communication and in everyone’s every day lives. I think it is used as a scare tactic for people rather than a true “let me tell you what’s going on” like most people use for social media accounts.
    This is a scary though on all accounts. If this really is a true Taliban Twitter account then it’s scary to think that there are that many followers and who of them are just keeping tabs or are in favor of them. And if this isn’t a real account, it’s still scary to think who really is out there on all social networks. This world is becoming scarily connected.

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