Posted by: Emilie Hartvig | May 3, 2011

Twitter Etiquette? Ethics?

Is there such thing as Twitter etiquette? Twitter ethics?

Today I posted a link on a new game that Budweiser created called “Poolball,” a combination of pool and soccer. A few minutes after tweeting this post I see a friend tweet the same exact thing that I tweeted but without any credit. Is this something to care about? Would you care if you tweeted something you found interesting and have someone else retweet your tweet without retweeting you? I am not sure if that made any sense so let’s see if I can break that down.

On Twitter, we have three options when viewing tweets: favorite, retweet, and reply. There is also the option of @-ing a fellow twitterer. The option I am concentrating on is the retweet. When I like someone’s tweet enough to retweet it myself, I select the choice so that my other twitter followers can see the source I found the tweet from. Sure, it would be cool to seem like I am the original source of such a sticky tweet but the truth is I found it from someone else. Am I the only one who does this? I feel like if I did not utilize the retweet button, I would be somewhat cheating the system. How do you feel about this?


  1. I agree with you Emilie. Although it might seem weird to care about such a small thing, it does matter. It is always important to cite your sources no matter what medium you are using. By informing your followers where you found your information, it gives them the opportunity to follow the person who tweeted the idea in the beginning in case they commonly tweet about a specific topic that tweeter may be interested in. It also has to do with respect. In a way it is almost disrespectful to not cite your sources. It is always frustrating when you do not get the credit you deserve. Also, by citing your sources you are received better by the twitter community and it shows you have personal integrity.

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