Posted by: kristakhauk | May 2, 2011

Social Media & The Royal Wedding

The world has been very well informed about the Royal Wedding and its events – thanks to social media. Royal wedding social-network chatter has surpassed that for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and the people’s uprising in Egypt. According to Webtrends, which gathers data on social media, 911,000 wedding-related tweets were tracked in the past 30 days, which accounts for 71% of all social media tracked by the company.

Kate Middleton & Prince William

Television networks are also taking advantage of social media platforms, sharing minute-by-minute news, giving wedding followers various social media outlets to choose from – like the BBC’s royal wedding Facebook page, CNN’s Twitter posts from celebrities, and Today show’s Facebook page and NBC’s Twitter account @royal wedding. Twitter reported a total of 1.7 million tweets by the time Prince William and Kate Middleton had been pronounced husband and wife. That’s 13,000 tweets per minute.

What I found interesting about these numbers is that one would assume that most of this social buzz surrounding the wedding is coming from the UK – think again. About 65% of the tweets, blog posts, and Facebook updates are coming from the U.S. and a mere 20% are coming from the UK. Weird.

It’s truly amazing how fast news travels and how everyone can now send it via social media. I don’t think these statistics just show how important the wedding is; they also demonstrate how prevalent it is in daily life today. It has become such a vital communications tool in the news world that having an account on Facebook and Twitter is a necessity to keep up with today’s current events. Simply turning on your television and watching the news is simply not enough anymore.

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