Posted by: deniseschenasi | May 2, 2011

Employers Plan to Hire More College Grads This Year

As I am finishing up my junior year of college, I have become obsessed lately with figuring out what I am going to be doing this time next year. It doesn’t help that in every single one of my classes my professors are constantly talking about how important it is to have two internships by graduation. I feel like every week I get bombarded with new information on how to interview, how to land an internship, etc. And although all of this information is incredibly helpful, it also has put me in a state of panic as the realization has hit me that one year from now, I will be about to graduate from college and will have started my search for a job. It’s a scary thing to think about, especially because so many people I know have found finding jobs, even with a college degree, increasingly more difficult. So as I was wondering what to blog about for this week, I remembered an interesting article I came across last week from USA Today. According to the article, 2011 college grads are finding a better job market than last years college grads. Why is this? Employees are planning to hire 19.3% more recent graduates. The amount of applicants per job position is decreasing as well — there are about half as many people applying for jobs now than this time last year. In other words, the article noted that in 2010 there was an average of about 41 applicants applying for an open position, while now that number has decreased to about 21 applicants per job.

Although reading this article helped to ease some of the dread I have been feeling over the difficult and scary task of finding a job after graduation, it is still going to be far from easy. Nonetheless, this article is something I wanted to share with my fellow 2011 graduates to help ease some post college job search dread.

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