Posted by: lennabo | April 27, 2011

Brand Yourself: A Foolproof System

So I know we have discussed this countless times in class, but I noticed that a lot of these points are important enough to be discussed in more detail. I came across this article when one of my fellow PR students tweeted about it, and I caught on to some new tricks to help brand myself and jump start my career path. I really liked how this article talked about making sure your “strategically telling the story you want to tell.” I think this is a good concept that every student should be thinking about, once you are able to communicate your story effectively to employers, you will be able to sell your brand based on what your good at (aspects of your story).

Step 1: Talks about being strategic. First identify yourself as an overlap between the person you want to become and the person employers are dying to hire. What a great piece of advice. Often we don’t think that those could possibly be two separate people, yet it’s more common than not to find the person we want to become does not have a clue how to interview well.

Then start your research and experiences early. I know a lot of this information is obvious to us as PR students but I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase this as an issue that many students aren’t thinking about taking full advantage of. This article also talked about finding the company website that you want to work for and take a look at what they are searching for in potential employees, then start your brand by becoming that person.

When it comes to getting experience, of course we search for internships and opportunities to work for employers who have a similar to the kind of atmosphere we would like to develop a career in, but how exactly do you get famous?

This leads us to

Step 2: Get Famous. This article defines branding yourself as getting famous, although I don’t necessarily agree that is the most important thing that a young PR professional should be thinking about, I do believe it’s a great way to jump start your motivation to become and influential. You can shine your name in a positive light on the Google search page by taking leadership roles, cleaning up your Facebook page, getting a LinkedIn account and beginning to blog, but my favorite part of this section was the ability to tell your own story to get you famous. Your achievements, goals, and experiences are all a part of your story, the story of your brand. The highlights that are in that story, is what is going to get your brand famous.

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