Posted by: hannakd | April 25, 2011

Your online presence and privacy

It seems as though I am constantly having to re-do my privacy settings on my Facebook.  Month after month, a new update, a new agreement, a new something, effects the way my Facebook is presented to my friends, and the world. In the last year I have deleted about 200 photos, mainly photos from my careless high-school days when employment was just an afterthought, but today when your online presence is just as important as anything, making sure that my Facebook is completely private is something that I am constantly worrying about.

As many times as I check all the boxes that signify that only my friends can see my profile, there are so many ways for people to access it if they really want too. So why put these privacy settings up in the first place? To make users feel somewhat secure? Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook, Facebook takes up a lot of my time, but if we all know that nothing is ever truly private why do we continue to worry about what is on our pages, why don’t we just delete our Facebook’s? Time and time again I consider deleting my online presence, but never do I actually follow through.  I will continue to update my privacy settings, as long as Facebook continues to change them, but when will it be the last straw for users? With every privacy change, I loose a little trust in the site, so when will I finally get over collecting friends? I don’t want to delete something that represents me, but I also don’t want to have to continue to censor myself for somebody I don’t even know. It all comes down to how private a user truly wants to seem to the online world, and if they want those pictures from the weekend festivities up or not.

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