Posted by: adinagr | April 24, 2011

“The Facebook Obsession”

On Saturday night I watched a documentary on NBC about Facebook and how Facebook where it’s going. The documentary discussed how Facebook has changed the way people communicate and function as a society. The likes, dislikes, and all opinions about Facebook were shared. This program had interviews with the founders of Facebook, addressed the issues brought up in the movie “The Social Network” as well as privacy issues that have recently become prevalent. I found it very interesting to look at how big a part of society Facebook has become and that one in about 12 people and are on Facebook. Facebook has become part of many companies and fortune 500 companies. Companies are realizing that in order to connect with many publics they are needing to be connected on Facebook and through Facebook they are also able to connect with many specified groups through advertising and the various demographic specifications help the targeted advertising.

The documentary also brought up where Facebook is heading and how society is seriously changing due to social media. They said that Facebook is changing the way the web works and that Facebook is becoming the new infrastructure of the web.

If anyone gets the chance to watch this documentary they should check it out. It was very interesting to see how in such a short time Facebook has changed the way we as a society interact, the way the web is designed and the way people are targeted for advertising and the way people find advertising. It will be interesting to see the way that our world changes because of Facebook.

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