Posted by: lennabo | April 20, 2011

The “Breathalyzer” for phones

As college students, we are all familiar with the “drunk text” on any given weekend night. They could be obnoxious rants to your friends, an embarrassing message to your boss, or even the classic booty call. Wouldn’t it be great if there were an app to prevent this drunken mayhem? Well Samantha Deeter certainly thought so. By contacting an app development company she was able to create an IPhone app that uses games to prevent people from sending drunk texts. The IPhone user creates a list of “forbidden” people that would most likely receive a text when the user is drunk. When the user attempts to drunk text these people, the IPhone will automatically force the user to play a series of four games in order to send the message. If the games don’t work as expected, 12 hours later, the IPhone will ask if the user still wants to send the message to that person. You also have the ability to set reminders explaining why you don’t want to drunk text this person. This app will be 99 cents, and will become available on the Android, if it is successful on the IPhone.


  1. Brilliant! I think this is a great idea, so perfect for college students. This app could become so popular. Your sober-self can set which people are most susceptible to your drunken dials, and then you must accomplish a series of tasks in order to finally send your message. The obvious people who should be “forbidden” include your mother, your boss, your ex, and maybe your new fling. Who else would you put on the list?

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