Posted by: Dana Nicholson | April 17, 2011

How to Turn “No” into “Yes”

When it comes to finding work after graduation a lot of us will hear the word ‘no’ many times before we get that coveted ‘yes’.  Even after we are employed we will still be told ‘no’ fairly often as we learn about our new position.  Basically, we will be hearing ‘no’ a lot in the next few years.  It is something we need to get used to hearing, and hopefully something we can learn from.  The Personal Branding Blog teaches you how to learn from rejection to make yourself and your ideas better.  “No doesn’t mean never.”  In order to dig deeper and expand ourselves we have to inspire a yes.  According to the blog, in order to inspire that yes we need to o the following:


What do I really need to do?


How can I do this better?


I know what I need to do, now what can I do to make it a reality?


Will that really work or do I need to adjust?


What is most effective?


Ask around.  What to other experts have to say?

Whenever we are faced with the devastating blow of rejection, remember to use these techniques to inspire yourself to broaden and expand your personal brand and your ideas.



  1. I think this is good advice. I just had an interview for an internship and I don’t think I will be getting it, but the interview was a good experience. I think it is also important to make sure you learn something from each no and know what you can do better for next time. Make sure you keep your head up from all the no’s an don’t get discouraged. It is important to stay positive and keep pushing through until you get the YES you’ve been looking for.

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