Posted by: austingraceblythe | March 2, 2011

The iPad 2, already?

After the iPad was released last year, and instantly became one of the hottest new technological devices on the market, it seems Apple has been in works to release the second generation of the iPad for some time now. On Wednesday the new iPad will be showcased by Apple with all of its original tweaks fixed, and new options for users.

Among the rumored new features it will offer will be, its thinner exterior (also reducing the weight of the iPad), and built in cameras on the front (to use for video chatting) and in the back (to be used for taking high quality digital photographs).

It seems that while these are improvements to the original, Apple might be jumping the gun too soon by releasing the iPad 2 without make more significant changes to it, in true Apple fashion, I personally would expect them to draw up media attention like there is no tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how this addition to the Apple line of products plays out.



  1. Like Austin said, this release is true to apple fashion, however, that is what worries me. I hate to assume, but I will, that the ipad 2 is only coming out because they have fixed kinks that may begin to surface in the original ipad. Of course with new technology each addition to the ipad will get better and better, just as with the iphone, but I think this release came a little too quickly. I wont be surprised if the original ipad has more “technical difficulties” than everyone originally expected. Now, I wonder if people will be cynical towards the ipad 2 and hold out for the third addition. If the release is as close to date as we have seen with the original and the second, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  2. I see the other side of it…. I am so excited they finally released one that is thinner, lighter and has better graphics not to mention dual cameras. I see them being right on time for releasing it. Places such as Best Buy are making it nice for customers with their technology “buy back” programs. As we continue down this technology-rich path, this is going to happen more and more often and the breaks in between are going to be far less than one year. The iPhone5 is set to come out in July and I can’t wait already to upgrade my 4. Some call it over-consumerism, I call it taking advantage of the latest technology available to us. I bought the iPad last year and within the month I will be the owner of the 2 as well.

  3. It’s great that Best Buy offers the Buy Back Program, unfortunately it wasn’t available when the first iPad came out. Even if it was, I’m not sure I would have purchased it for my iPad because it’s doesn’t seem like that great of a deal.

    This is how it works: Let’s say you buy the iPad 2 for a base price of $500 and you want the Buy Back program, which costs an extra $70. So all together, you spend $570.

    Then the iPad 3 comes out 12 months later and you come into Best Buy to use your Buyback. Since it’s been 12 months, you’ll only get 40% of the base price of what you purchased the iPad for, so $200 in store credit. So you can use the $200 towards the new iPad, but what if you’re worried a new iPad will come out again and you want to stay up to date? Then you pay another $70 for the BuyBack program on your third iPad and it’s a never ending cycle. Within a year of use, you lose $370. This loss continues the longer you participate in Best Buy’s Buy Back.

    Best Buy is smart to take advantage of the rapidly growing and changing technologies to increase their sales both long term and short term.

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