Posted by: kelseyhelgeson | February 16, 2011

SEO for Rogue Federal Credit Union

Searching for Rogue Federal Credit Union using key words on Google brought mixed results.

Using “Credit Unions in Medford, Oregon” Rogue Federal is the first, sixth and seventh result. Rogue is dominating that search. However, using other key words didn’t get the same results. When searching for “Credit Union Blogs,” Rogue Federal’s was no where to be found, however, a local competitor’s blog is the forth result. I couldn’t find Rogue Federal using any other search terms. I tried “financial institutions in Medford, OR,” and even “personal finance classes in Medford, OR,” because Rogue Federal offers many free financial classes for the local community. If you’re searching specifically for a credit union in Medford, you’re going to find Rogue Federal, but if you are using more general terms or looking for free classes, Rogue Federal is nowhere to be found, which is not good. Rogue needs to work on it’s SEO to drive traffic to its site, and in turn increase membership.

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