Posted by: hatool | February 16, 2011

Google Searching My [Almost Non Existant] Startup

My company, VisiRay Inc., is developing a millimeter wave camera – a camera that can see into walls and surfaces and produce a real-time, 3D image of what’s inside – to sell to the pest control industry. Basically we are taking the millimeter wave scanners we all know from airports (the ones that can see through cloths) and create a hand-held camera based on the same technology.

VisiRay is new; it was established in December 2010, two months ago, so I was pretty skeptic that it would show up on Google, we don’t even have a website (yet; we did buy the domain).

BUT, here are the search terms I put in and here’s what came up:

  • millimeter wave camera for pest control – the first item is an article about us winning Venture Quest from the University of Oregon news paper. I get the same result when I’m signed in and when I’m signed out. But – my location is set to Eugene and we all know how customized Google is.
  • millimeter wave camera – articles about the technology. Some images. No companies’ websites. Good.
  • pest detecting camera – first two that came out were scientific articles about detecting pests in green houses. The rest links are to articles about infrared cameras, but again – no companies. Good.

So what did I learn? That we should be able to get traffic the VisiRay website relatively easily and that some of our search terms should be cheap. We should also buy ads for our camera to pop up when people search for Infrared cameras for pests detection and other industries we will target.

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