Posted by: Sidney_Morgan | January 28, 2011

Press Release SEO

Because we talked about social media press releases today in class, I thought everyone might find this list of tips interesting. A few are similar to what we discussed in class. It is shocking by how much credibility social media is given today!

New Thomson Reuters Report Showcases Importance of Press Release SEO: 19 Out of 20 Journalists Use Search Engines to Research Stories — and New Study Reveals Six Secrets for Putting Your Release On Their Radar

The six secrets of press release SEO, according to Thomson Reuters:

Secret #1: The public and press find recent, relevant releases in news search results.
Since you should always optimize for the searcher, you need to find out where your audience goes for information. According to the 2010 PRWeek Media Survey, 95% of journalists use search engines to research a story, followed by 93% for company websites and 47% for Wikipedia. Surprisingly, Yahoo! News is actually used more than Google News, with over 40 million Americans compared to just under 15 million for Google.

Secret #2: Research the keywords that should be included in your release.
Use keyword research to identify the relevant, commonly searched terms relevant for your press release. By using Yahoo Suggest or Google Auto-Complete, you can easily identify the two or three most-searched terms and compile a list of search term suggestions that relate to the subject of your press release.

Secret #3: Include these keywords in the headline, subhead, and lead paragraph of your release.
The natural language processing algorithms used by the search engines scan the title, headline, and at least the first one hundred words of news articles and press releases, so make sure the relevant keywords show up in these sections. Another surprising finding: longer headlines are more effective for press release SEO.

Secret #4: Add links to interesting, related website content.
Including links to interesting, related content in your press release can increase search engine results and drive website traffic. One of the main drivers of search engine ranking for press releases is not necessarily from driving direct links to the press release but from people who decide to write an article on the subject and include these links as part of their content post.

Secret #5: Publish your release beyond your website.
Google News finds articles by crawling 10,000 online news sources, including news websites that display press releases while Yahoo News has more than 7,000 news sources. Neither of the news search engines crawl company websites to find press release nor are they able to manually add press releases that are sent to them. To take full advantage of press release SEO, you need to use a solution that allows you to publish your release to the most prominent news websites.

Secret #6: Use web analytics to measure the success of your press release SEO.
Web analytic tools exist today that can help PR professional measure return on their SEO activities, including metrics such as increasing awareness, driving traffic, generating leads, and selling products. Some companies have also used conversion tracking codes to measure the number of leads or sales generated by press release SEO.

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