Posted by: Nick McDonald | January 28, 2011

Online Communications Strategies Important, But Forgetting About Offline Methods Could Be An Opportunity Missed

Just found this on the Bulldog Reporter, Its an interesting take  on the relationships between online and offline communications. In an age where new mediums are stressing a large online presence it is very easy to get caught up in the hype and ignore some of the basic traditional offline communications that have ruled the marketing world for decades. But According to Aprimo Inc., an integrated marketing software solutions firm, that offline communications are still just as important, and an integrated marketing plan that serves offline and online mediums is the most efficient way to ensure a good campaign strategy.

“And it’s not enough to simply embrace offline channels,” said Aprimo CMO Lisa Arthur. “You must pay as much attention to innovation and testing new concepts as you do with online channels. Just be sure to diligently track the performance of all channels, holding each one to the same standard for contribution to revenue and profitability.”

Deeper engagement has been seen in online marketing, but according to the Aprimo report more than 60 percent of marketers said they value face to face, B2B (Business to Business) interaction at live events. Image Courtesy of

An integrated approach of both online and offline strategies can accelerate the sales cycle by allowing perspective publics to be immersed in the diverse messages, which can lead to a greater sales conversion rate.

Here is a link to Aprimo’s report and more on their Marketing Imperatives series.


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