Posted by: Kelly Pace | November 29, 2010


Hello my fellow bloggers!

So I had a little blogging break through today, ten weeks in and I FINALLY figured out how to post video content onto my blog! Sure, wordpress gives explicit instructions on how to do this, but for a tech-tard like me this task was easier said than done. Looking to add an interesting element to your blog? You can find the simple steps here,

Hooray for technical support!


  1. This is actually really helpful. Before I would just enter in the youtube address from the top of the page where the video was playing. That worked, but recently some of the videos weren’t processing and working. I didn’t realize that the proper way to do it was to use the “Share” tab. Now all my videos and working.. Thanks!!

  2. I agree with Tara, this is really helpful Kelly! So happy you broke this barrier! I’m attempting to load some videos as we speak. We will see what happens, you know mw and my technology skills. Way to go Kelly!

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