Posted by: SillyCristina | October 31, 2010

MORE Facebook drama

The new “See Friendship” tab on Facebook is scandalous. This article is a must read; it bluntly states that the new tab is a tool for jealous people–for people to see what their ex-partners are up to with their new-partners. WOW FACEBOOK, WAY TO GO.

Facebook Announces Friendship Pages That Show Friends’ Mutual Content


  1. After seeing the Facebook movie I have paid a lot more attention to the applications that Facebook introduces. Although the friendship page application may seem like a silly tool devised to help friends spy on other friends, it is more importantly a representative of the ongoing evolution and expansion of Facebook.

    The company started out as exclusive to Harvard University students, and has now expanded to the rest of the world, initially only allowing friends to comment on each others walls, and now allowing the posting of pictures, statuses, videos, and relationship updates as well as millions of other possibilities. With each change to Facebook, the company seems to solidify its popularity and dominance in the social networking world. As Constine points out in the article, “Facebook’s high engagement and user retention statistics are tied to the human desire to forge and maintain connections with others.” Facebook is the only place where you can examine the similarities between two “friends” to the extent that you can with this new application, which will continue to keep its retention and engagement statistics high.

    Constine explains that Facebook is taking cyber relationships to the next level: “By allowing users to focus on a single connection, Facebook will help many realize just how integral the service has been to the formation of deep and long-lasting friendships.” So no, this new application is not just a silly tool, but rather a revolutionary way of showing what Facebook has done for online-friendships–revealing the complex interactions that any two Facebook users may share.

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