Posted by: Hana Katen | February 16, 2011

TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauce–Lukewarm SEO

While TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauce is the established leader in the hot sauce industry, its use of social media, public relations and SEO have been less than stellar. Because of its sterling reputation, the McIlhenny Co. (makers of TABASCO®) can get away with this and still maintain excellent sales; however, I can’t help but feel that maximizing the benefits of these tools would create a monumental change for the brand.

After conducting a little test run of TABASCO®’s SEO using different keywords in a Google search, I found the following:

Keywords and Results:

Hot Sauce: The TABASCO® website is the 7th item down on the page, below news, a few other hot sauce brands, and videos. However, Google suggests related searches at the very top of the page, and TABASCO® is the first recommended alternative.

Pepper Sauce: Here, TABASCO® does better. It is the second item down on the page, right below Wikipedia. I’ll take it.

Spicy Sauce: TABASCO®’s Sweet and Spicy Sauce is the eighth item down; however, there is no link to TABASCO®’s home page.

Sauce: When conducting a broad “sauce” search, TABASCO® doesn’t perform too badly. The McIlhenny Co. sauce is the fifth item down, which is impressive considering the massive amount of popular sauces there are in the world.  (Sweet  Baby Rays, Pizza sauce, soy sauce..the list goes on)

I believe that with the proper SEO, TABASCO® could really catapult to the top of most of these keyword searches.

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